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The world as we knew it, has come to an end.
It's seasons, our local traditions, our bodies,
and even those things we once collectively called 'the truth':
everything seems to be infected by...
Globalization? Global warming? Those microchips that slowely grow into our skins...
Some hurry to flee from this dying planet. Maybe Mars can make us reach the stars. 
With artificial hearts, that now no longer makes that annoying beating sound,
we'll live for ever more. In our barren alien world ...
Finally, like proper gods.
But what for? What for? 

Everything we can imagine,
will sooner or later be carved from dust.
So let us gaze together wisely.
Bear with me, as we enter
this sacred realm
of what might be...

Mixing and combining themes and symbols from all time periods and cultures, expressing them by all possible media: performance art, music and lyrics, fine-arts, dance, video and social media. Alter Moderna is a artist collective, initiated in 2015 by Monique and Jessica van Deursen. Each performance or happening, they work together with guest musicians and artists of all sorts. Presenting their work at festivals, fine art art galeries, music stages and public space.


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Monique van Deursen 
is the front lady and singer of the folk band Cesair. She studied Celtic languages and Culture at the Utrecht University,
and thus is a mastermind as it comes to finding historical texts and cultural knowledge,
which is often used as a starting point for our music compositions/soundscapes,
sculptures and performances.

Jessica van Deursen 
is a fine-artist and performance artist. She studied fine-arts at the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam,
and got her Masters degree at Codarts where she explored performance art and interdisciplinairy art.
That makes her a concept designer and the one to fiddle on all sculptures, decor, videos etc.




View more pictures and videos of this 90 minutes performance at PiPe!, Pictura, Dordrecht, 23th nov. 2020



The Great Health
06-19-20 / 06-21-20 | Witte Rook, Breda | NL
Performers: Monique & Jessica

Dionysos, the mythical protector of the wild, inspired Niezsche to coin the idea of ''Die Grosse Gesundheit'', in which a society welcomes evanescence, destruction, disgust, chaos, intense sexual drive, suffering, pain, death, fear and insecurity as desired qualities, in order the maintain the natural balance in life.
We invited a small audience to come receive a performative post-covid-19 cleanse. Visitors could 'book' a session at Witte Rook. In between and after the performances, the space could be visited as an exhibition.




Click here for more pictures



How to Preserve what's Beautiful
24-11-2019 | The Performance Bar, Rotterdam | NL
Performance duration: 10 minutes | Song: Alter Moderna | Text: William Shakespeare, sonnet 16 | Performers: Monique & Jessica





Still from video visual (used as projection). Photocollage and drawning (2019). Framed: 120x50cm  


Ask the Serpent (2019) sculpture | metal and plaster | 20 x 30 x 20cm

Talisman | Endless Hall | Materiality (2019) | drawings | framed: 30x40 cm






Floodshoes (2019), sculpture | wood, lacquer, seat belt, plaster | 20 x 30 x 30cm



Talisman (2019), hanging sculpture | wood and lacquer | 5 x 10 x 2 cm

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