De Grote op Leven en Dood Show

2012 | performance

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(The Big to Live or Die Show) was a performative experiment on group dynamics and manipulation, originated from my own fascination and irritation concerning big and spectaculair television shows, for which I invited a group of people via social media to participate in recording a ‘’trailer’’, for a supposedly later to be live performed, performance piece.


Most of the participants did not know each other. All participants engaged voluntary. There was no promise of any financial reward.


During the recordings, the participants were asked to do all kinds of of things, like smearing each others faces with chocolate spread, smoking a hole package of cigarettes at once, answering quiz-questions about photographs of severely mutilated and injured people. 

Non of the participants complaint or quit during the recordings. Finally, my attempt in irritating them even more, by letting them listen to a ever looping song for over 40 minutes, made them quit one by one.

The group participated for a total of more than six hours.

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