Working and living in Rotterdam (NL)

Art is Life & Life is Art

Life is Art & Art is Life

The works of Jessica van Deursen bring about an exchange between the body and mind. By exploring her physical and mental capabilities, in often very testing performances. But also by designing new rituals and lifestyles for basal daily needs like eating, hairdressing, clothing and engaging in romantic relationships. Often based on researching forgotten ancient European traditions, knowledge, and crafts. And also by testing practices in her daily life for longer periods of time, she creates contemporary applications, which allow for a more sustainable, minimalist and (ecologically) conscious ways of living. Her life becomes the subject of research, and her art her way of living. A life long undertaking, she calls LevensKunst (Art of Living). 

Her works occurs as performances, objects, installations, photographs, video, but also by sharing her research and visual proces on her blog Arty Farty Life.  Furthermore, she teaches performance art, interdisciplinary art and fine-arts at a.o. Willem de Kooning academy, Codarts, Novilo and Art-S-Cool.

In 2016 she was rewarded the Young Talent Grand by the Mondriaan Foundation for her work. 

Forthcoming and recent previous solo/duo exhibitions include Art Rotterdam (NL) Palazzo del Mora, Venice (IT) Trienal Deformes (CL)Pictura, Dordrecht (NL) | KIPAF, Kolkata (IN) Concordia, Enschede (NL) | Gemeentemuseum Den Haag (NL) | pAIR, Kumasi (GH) Root Gallery, Rotterdam (NL) Pulchri studios, The Hague (NL) | Defibrilator Performance Art Gallery, Chicago (US) Goethe Institut, Rotterdam (NL) Stedelijk Museum Breda (NL) | This Art Fair, Amsterdam (NL)



2012 - 2014      Ma of Arts, Community arts (specialisation in performance art), Codarts, Rotterdam
2008 - 2012      Ba of Arts, fine-arts, Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam
2011 - 2012      Minor Philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam (as part of Ba fine-arts)
2002 - 2008      VWO, Emmauscollege, Rotterdam





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