2020 | necklace | human hair, ruby and glass beads, silver thread | (30 x 60 cm) 

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For the past fifteen years, I've been a caregiver for one of my relatives. The relation I've had with this person, has always been special. It's completely based on trust, which makes the bond very fragile. As this is also a paid job, which partly enables my art practice. I feel like I had to make many important life decisions for this person; as where to study, where to live. And lastly, how to look, as many found, a balding skull was in need of some treatment:


He hadn't looked in the mirror
for two years, he said

Four years younger
half a foot taller
avoided every shop window
all reflections, all puddles in the street

Can you imagine
he could have been me

It's time - I said - I decided
but what for?
I still am - not sure

Maybe it's just us
Who cannot handle his reflection
a beautifully rough vanitas

I said 'I love you'
and then I cut off all his hair
Completely sure of that I took
Unsure if I could ever repair

During Victorian times, it was a common custom, to create jewelry out of a deceiced persons' hair; mourning jewellery. At it's height, this custom became populair to the point, that merchants traveled from village to village, to buy the less fortunate's hair.








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