Alter Moderna

Alter Modernism: ‘’ Altermodern can essentially be read as an artist working in a hypermodern world or with supermodern ideas or themes.’’
Nicholas Bourriaud


with many thanks to Sunrise Studio


Mixing and combining themes and symbols from all time periods and cultures, expressing them by all possible media: performance art, music and lyrics, fine-arts, dance, video and social media.
Alter Moderna is a artist collective, initiated in 2015 by Monique and Jessica van Deursen. Each performance or happening, they work together with guest musicians and artists of all sorts. Presenting their work at festivals, fine art art galeries, music stages and public space.

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Monique van Deursen 
is the front lady and singer of the folk band Cesair. She studied Celtic languages and Culture at the Utrecht University,
and thus is a mastermind as it comes to finding historical texts and cultural knowledge,
which is often used as a starting point for our music compositions/soundscapes,
sculptures and performances.

Jessica van Deursen 
is a fine-artist and performance artist. She studied fine-arts at the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam,
and got her Masters degree at Codarts where she explored performance art and interdisciplinairy art.
That makes her a concept designer and the one to fiddle on all sculptures, decor, videos etc.



How to Preserve what's Beautiful
24-11-2019 | The Performance Bar, Rotterdam
Performance duration: 10 minutes | Song: Alter Moderna | Text: William Shakespeare, sonnet 16 | Performers: Monique & Jessica






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