onbegrends mens 4
Onbegrensd Mens
(Unlimitedly Human/a unrestricted human being)

‘’Jessica plays with the expectations of her viewers in her art, in which those same viewers sometimes becomes the participants in her performances and theatrical presentations themselves, in which she continuously poses questions regarding our self-awareness, in a variety of ways. How well do we know ourselves and are we aware of the things that might hold us back in becoming more self aware?

Through comparing western and non-western philosophy on consciousness and the art of living, she strives to explain in a comprehensible way, how the philosophy from the old metaphysical thinking, transgressed up to the ontology philosophy of Heidegger. She describes in ‘’Onbegrensd Mens’’ a historical expansion of (self)awareness of the human kind, in which this rise has always been paradoxal through the fact that the ‘’self’’ can not think objectively, for it is also the constructor of limiting conditions preceding it’s self reflection. Also, the self can’t isolate it’s self reflections from the influences of other people and society. She illustrates these principles through various examples of artists who share these same insights. This way, she also places herself as an artist and as a human being in the context of the contemporary Zeitgeist.’’

 - Exam Committy Willem de Kooning academy (translation of the original Dutch text)

Pages: 44
Size: a4
1st edition: March 2012